Hand Rejuvenation

Hand-Rejuvenation-Long-Beach-CAWe are excited to be one of the first plastic surgery offices in the Long Beach area to be able to offer RADIESSE for treatment of volume loss in the hands. RADIESSE provides an immediate volumizing effect and can help to reduce the prominence of tendons and veins in the hands, delivering smooth, natural-looking results that can last up to 1 year.  Treating the hands with RADIESSE is a quick in office procedure that can usually be completed in 10 minutes. Dr. Waltzman is now recognized as a Certified Injector of RADIESSE for Hands. This designation is awarded only after completing specified training in the aesthetic treatment of hands.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of patients who are seeking aesthetic treatments for their hands. A patient’s age can easily be given away by the appearance of his/her hands. RADIESSE allows us to restore the volume in the back of the hands enhancing their appearance, and also provides the opportunity to treat both patients’ hands and faces. With RADIESSE for hands, we are proud to be able to provide an FDA-approved treatment for our patients who are ready for this next step in their aesthetic regimen.

How does RADIESSE® correct the appearance of aging hands?

RADIESSE is the only dermal filler FDA-approved to restore volume to the hands, diminishing one of the signs of aging hands and helping reduce the prominence of tendons and veins for smooth, natural-looking results.

And, if you are already receiving aesthetic facial treatment, RADIESSE for Hands is a natural next step in your aesthetic regimen to help your hands look as good as your face. 


When will I begin to see results, and how long will they last

After a quick in-office treatment, the volumizing effect of RADIESSE for Hands can be seen instantly with results that last up to 1 year in most patients. This unique filler continues to work by stimulating your body’s own natural collagen production.

  • According to a recent clinical trial, 86% of patients reported improvement in the appearance of their hands 12 months after treatment with RADIESSE. 

What are the most common side effects with RADIESSE®?

The most common side effects reported by patients were swelling, pain, redness and bruising in the treatment area. This is consistent with side effects following other filler treatments. Treatment recovery is predictable, with side effects typically resolving in 2 weeks without the need for additional medical treatment. 

Is this the same RADIESSE® that I am familiar with from receiving aesthetic filler treatments for my face?

Yes. RADIESSE is an ideal option for restoring volume and delivering correction where it is indicated.

  1. RADIESSE is first and only filler deemed safe and effective by the FDA to correct lost volume in the back of the hands as well as wrinkles and folds in the face.
  2. RADIESSE has been trusted by physicians for nearly a decade with millions of treatments worldwide.

Refresh the appearance of your aging hands by restoring volume with RADIESSE. Call today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Waltzman.