The Breast Augmentation Consultation

The initial breast augmentation consultation takes about 45 minutes.  To help save time on the day of your consultation, we recommend that you complete your history and information using our online patient portal prior to your consultation.  Otherwise we recommend arriving about 15 minutes prior to your scheduled consultation time to complete paperwork in the office.  During your consultation with Dr. Waltzman, you will discuss your interest in breast augmentation, your expectations, and desired outcome.  Dr. Waltzman will discuss your past medical and surgical history to make sure that you are a good surgical candidate.  Dr. Waltzman will then perform an examination of your chest and breasts. At this time he will take important measurements of your breasts and chest that will help him determine the best implant shape and size for your body.

You will then have the opportunity to “try on” several implants beneath your clothing to get a rough estimate of how different sizes would look with clothing. Dr. Waltzman will then take photos pre-operative photos for your chart.  These photos not only assist Dr. Waltzman in the planning process for your surgery, but they also help to compare your before and after results and track your healing progress.

It is often times helpful to bring some photos of breasts you consider to be attractive.  Dr. Waltzman will be able to determine if your goals are safely attainable and get a better idea of the look you are going for.

At the conclusion of the initial consultation our Patient Coordinator will present you with a quote for surgery.  You will have the option to discuss various financing and payment options at this time.

We happily see patients back for additional consultations to discuss their breast augmentation surgery.  All patients will return to the office for their pre-operative appointment approximately 1 week before their surgery date.  This appointment gives you and Dr. Waltzman a chance to review the plan, the type of implant selected, receive your prescriptions, and review the surgical consent documents.