Before & After

Non-Surgical Procedures - Case 4

This 47 year old male desired more projection on the bridge of his nose.  He complained of difficulty with wearing glasses on his nose and poor contour of his nose.  Fillers were used to improve the contour over the bridge of his nose, especially in the area between his eyes.  He has a much easier time wearing glasses and is very happy with his nonsurgical nose job.

Non-Surgical Procedures - Case 3

This patient had 2cc of Juvederm Voluma injected into her midface for correction of midface volume loss and descent, and 1cc of Juvederm Ultra Plus XC injected in her nasolabial folds.  She has improved projection of her cheek bones and correction of the hollowing in her cheeks.  Her nasolabial folds are softened and there is less shadowing in this area.  She is thrilled with her results.

Non-Surgical Procedures - Case 2

This patient is shown before and after injection of Restylane Silk in her lips and the fine lines around her mouth.  This quick office procedure can make a dramatic difference and help restore a youthful appearance.

Non-Surgical Procedures - Case 1

This 28 year old female patient desired a natural fullness of her lips.  Restylane Silk was used to shape the upper and lower lip to provide better balance while still maintaining a natural appearance.