Before & After

Breast Surgery - Case 5

This 18 year old patient was troubled by the large size of her breasts.  They made it difficult to exercise and caused back and neck pain.  She had a breast reduction to decrease the size of her breasts and give her a more youthful appearance.  Her back pain has resolved and her self confidence has increased.  She is very happy with her results.

Breast Surgery - Case 4

This 42 year old patient had bilateral nipple sparing mastectomies for breast cancer.  She underwent initial breast reconstruction with placement of tissue expanders and Alloderm.  Several months later her tissue expanders were removed,  followed with placement of Inspira SRF 385 cc round silicone implants.

Breast Surgery - Case 3

This 30 year old patient had DD breasts prior to having children.  After breast feeding she noticed that her breasts were much smaller and deflated.  To help restore her pre-pregnancy look she had 480 cc moderate profile saline implants placed under the muscle.

Breast Surgery - Case 2

This 37 year old patient desired to enhance her breasts and still maintain a natural overall appearance.  She had Inspira SRM 445 cc round silicone implants placed under the muscle.  She is very happy with the increase in size the and natural look of her implants.

Breast Surgery - Case 1

This 33 year old patient had a breast augmentation 10 years ago with 500 cc saline implants below the muscle.  She desired a rounder and fuller look.  Her saline implants were removed and they were replaced with 745 cc Inspira SRF round silicone implants below the muscle.  She is very happy with the shape and size of her breasts.

Breast Surgery - Breast Reduction and Reconstruction Case 2

Breast reduction info:
38 year old female breast reduction.

Breast reconstruction info:
This 38 year old female had breast cancer in her Right breast. She underwent a Right breast lumpectomy and oncoplastic reconstruction. She also underwent a Left breast reduction and lift to match the size of the Right breast.

Breast Surgery - Breast Reconstruction Case 1

This 44 year old female patient had bilateral nipple sparing mastectomies for breast cancer. She then underwent immediate bilateral prepectoral implant based breast reconstruction. She is seen here 3 months after removal of her tissue expanders and placement of 420cc anatomic Allergan 410 implants.